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  • DiscoLitez Pro II v1.3 beta is available for public download. DLPro is the latest DiscoLitez, and has been rewritten from scratch using a completely new concept of interlinkable components.
  • DiscoLitez 2.1 is here! DiscoLitez 2.1 is *much* more stable than 2.0ALPHA, and it is also natively WinNT and Win2000 compatible (regarding port access).

DiscoLitez packages

DiscoLitez Pro II v1.3 Beta NOTE There are a few issues with this beta version, in particular:
  • Incompatible with Win9x - DLPro does not currently work with Windows versions prior to Win2000/XP. I'm working on fixing this. You can try installing/using it, but don't be surprised if it just blows up.
  • High CPU usage - DiscoLitez Pro does use more CPU power than DiscoLitez 2.1. This is an almost unavoidable problem - I'm working on increasing efficiency though; stay tuned.
EXE installer for Windows 2004/03/28
DiscoLitez Standard v2.1 This version fixes many instability issues with 2.0ALPHA, and it is now natively WinNT/2000 compatible. EXE installer for Windows 2000/09/28


DiagLitez A DiscoLitez rig diagnostic/testing utility
Self-extracting archive for Windows 2000/09/28
DLOP-SDK Use this SDK to write your own plugins for DiscoLitez v2.1. ZIP archive 2000/03/20
PatControl This is a pattern controller for use with or without DiscoLitez. You can even use your favourite DLOP to do the outputting!
ZIP archive 2003/05/11

Rig packs

These rig packs can be used with DiscoLitez v2.1.

Rig Pack 1 by David Husselmann ZIP archive
Rig Pack 2 by DJ FukenGruven ZIP archive


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