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DiscoLitez v2.1

The original DiscoLitez for Winamp plugin.

What is DiscoLitez?

DiscoLitez for Winamp allows you to wire real-life disco lights to your PC. This is ideal for parties or small disco's as you can set the computer up with a playlist and leave it running - while you join the party! - No DJ required -

All you need to do for this setup, is build one of the circuits provided and connect it to your computer's parallel port. Now setup DiscoLitez, start Winamp, and you're all done! Just leave it running and go join the fun.

DiscoLitez is also expandable with user plugins. Yes, if you have a XYZ-output port or another weird way of getting the signals to your lights, why not write your own DLOP (DiscoLitez Output Plugin) ? The possibilities are endless. Download the SDK from the downloads page. (:commentdb:)

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Page last modified on September 28, 2007, at 11:53 AM